Before smart phones and personal computers are popularized, I knew few high end luxury brands. Before online shopping becomes the mainstream shopping way, I hardly ordered replicas or fake items. Before the information era arrives, I didn’t know it’s fake although I bought a beautiful handbag. With the development of information technology, I know more and more luxury brands. The more I pay attention to high end products, the more attractive they are. What’s more, I want to own one. It seems that high quality replicas for many girls are good options. I have the same plan. Yes, I do did it. Here, I want to share my Hermes Kelly bag replica with you. I bought a replica Hermes Kelly bag 28 black in Togo leather. I think the “it” bag is the best one of my replica bags.

A Story About Hermes Kelly Bag
It’s necessary to popularize the history about Hermes Kelly Bag. Do you realize that Hermes bags were named after names of female celebrities? I guess that can make a bigger stir in the fashion circle. Luxury brands are good at telling stories, and Hermes is no exception. Before Hermes Kelly made a hit, it was called “Hermes Hight Bag”. The Hight bag was inspired by Haut A Courroies in 1892. To 1956, Princess Grace Kelly in Monaco carried a Hermes Hight black bag in crocodile skin, and she appeared the front page of LIFE. She covered her pregnant belly with her large Hermes Hight handbag, confident and attractive. The magazine cover was impressive deeply. A lot didn’t know the bag’s name, and they just called it “Kelly Bag”. It was one of the most popular women’s bags in the 20th century. To the 21st century, frankly speaking, the Kelly bag is less popular than the Birkin bag.

Every Hermes Kelly bag has had an unique series number since 1970. In need of maintenance, the Kelly bag was given back to the craftsman according to the series number. A Kelly bag takes a craftsman approx 13 hours. The manufacture flow and after-sales service drive the Kelly bag to keep fancy price. At present, Hermes Kelly bag is available in seven sizes. I like Hermes Kelly 28 best, and it fits me best.

My Hermes Kelly Bag 28 Replica
My Hermes Kelly 28 black in Togo leather with gold-plated hardware. Togo leather refers to the calf neck skin, presenting natural grained finish, like the surface of litchis. My replica Kelly bag is made in synthetic calfskin leather, so mine is suppler than the Kelly bag in Natural Togo leather. I have wore it for one year, so there must be some scratches on the gold-plated hardware. The trapezoidal Kelly bag has a small opening, and it causes a little trouble sometimes. The Kelly 28 is a right size for me, neither too bag nor too small. I think my replica Kelly bag for approx 400 dollars is worthy.