I saw a gentleman waiting the plane in the waiting room and a Hermes Birkin bag was next to him. I thought he was just looking after the Birkin bag for his wife. The fact proved that I was wrong. He is the owner of the Hermes Birkin bag indeed. If you meet the same experience, don’t doubt, and the Birkin bag must be his. Slowly, I found that the number of men in Hermes Birkin bags is no smaller than that of women in Hermes Birkin bags in the street. Hermes ran leather goods for men in the beginning, so Hermes products are full of Equestrian culture, boy friend style. Although Hermes Birkin bag was designed for women in the beginning, more and more male fashion icons, tasteful gentlemen like carrying Hermes Birkin oversize voyage bags.

Cristiano Ronaldo
Cristiano Ronaldo didn’t reach the final, but he played best during the 2018 World Cup. With all his efforts, Portugal national football team drew against Spain national football team for 3:3, and Portugal beat Monaco for 1:0. What’s more, the four goals were on C Ronaldo. He did well. In addition to outstanding football skills, C Ronaldo is also a fashion icon in the daily life. He likes simple style, and he often publishes some photos on the Instagram. In this photo, he is in black leather jacket, white T-shirt, dark jeans and white and red sport shoes. The most eye-catching is the Hermes Birkin voyage bag in black leather and beige canvas. His outfits and the Birkin bag is a perfect match.

Kanye Omari West
Kanye Omari West is an American rap singer, music producer and businessman. Due to the huge success in music, he became self-inflated. In 2009, he rushed on the stage and questioned her capability when Taylor Swift was giving her speech on “Best Female Video”. Anyway, a lot appreciate his fashion style. The fashion icon has a Hermes Birkin oversize voyage bag. It should be a good partner during the voyage or weekends.

Mac Jacobs
Mac Jacobs is an American fashion designer. He is the design director of Louis Vitton and the head designer for his own fashion label, Mac Jacobs. His creative fashion items lead to the global fashion trend, but he takes the unusual way. Tatoos, same-sex love didn’t make any influences on his talent in the fashion circle. He likes Hermes Birkin bag extremely. He were often spotted with his black Birking oversize bag, a Hermes Birkin 35 in black, earth tone and olive green.

Pharrell Williams
Even if you are not a fan of Pharrell Williams, you must see him in music videos, shows, fashion brand advertising or luxury shows. He sang the songs of the film Despicable Me, like My Life, Fun, Fun, Fun, Happy and Yellow Light. He is both a well-respected singer and a fashion icon. When you see his photos, you must be impressed by his Hermes Birkin oversize crocodile skin bag in purple. In general, men choose dark-color Hermes Birkin bags, but Pharrell Williams has distinctive taste.

Roger Federer
Roger Federer, a Swiss man’s professional tennis player, is world-famous for stable tennis skills, graceful actions and gentle image. In 2016, he was selected one of the annual stylish men the fashion magazine GQ held. Roger Federer in Hermes Birkin oversize Tan bag looks still gentle and handsome.