There is no doubt that Hermes is a world-top leather goods manufacturer. When it comes to Hermes, Hermes Birkin bag or Hermes Kelly bag is “an issue can not be avoided”. Not ladies but men are crazy about both of them. Why are they so popular with socialites from all over the world? Well yes, for two main reasons.

1.Famous for Two Female Stars!
The original title of Hermes Kelly is Hermes Sac a Depeches designed by Robert Dumas Hermès according to Haut a Courroies, a saddle bag in 1935. It didn’t become famous and popular until 1956. In that year, pregnant Grace Kelly appeared in public and smiled at medias. She used her Hermes Sac a Depeches bag to cover her belly naturally. The handbag has attracted the most public attention since then, thus it was renamed as Kelly Bag. Nobody predicted that the same thing would happen again! Jean Birkin met Jean-Louis Dumas, the chairman of Hermes Group at a plane in 1983. She complained him that Kelly bag was too small for her to store many items. Later, Mr. Jean-Louis Dumas remembered the issue and redesigned another bag for Jean Birkin. It’s called Birkin Bag. It’s clear that it’s famous for large space.
2.It’s dear if it’s rare!
It can not be denied that Hermes selects superior animal skin to manufacture Hermes Birkin and Kelly. It takes a craftsman at least 48 hours to make a Birkin or Kelly by hand. It’s hard for me to imagine how rare and precious a Hermes Himalaya Birkin or Kelly bag.

Women stars of Hollywood are big fans of Hermes Birkin and Hermes Kelly. “One Hermes per person” can’t express their love for Hermes. After seeing Victoria Beckham’s photos, I want to ask how many Hermes bags they on earth have. It’s said that she has more than 800 Hermes bags. I just want to say “Wow, cool”.

About Colors
The money is really a good thing, and it can bring everything to you. Victoria Beckham collects a lot of Hermes Birkin/Kelly bags in different colors, like black, orange, white, red, blue, brown, gray, green, purple and so on.

Rare Models
Besides common Birkin or Kelly bags, Victoria also has many rare model collection. She often carries her Hermes Kelly 50 during the journey. It’s the biggest one in the Kelly family. Hermes Birkin Burgundy in crocodile and Hermes Kelly in lizard skin are in her collection. To the 21st century, new faces derive from the first generation of Hermes Kelly and Birkin, like Hermes Kelly Pochette, Hermes Kelly Suede and Hermes Shoulder Birkin. These models are rare, but it’s not strange for her to own them. If she can get a Hermes Birkin Himalaya bag, it’s a piece of cake to get others.