When it comes to the most popular Hermes bags, a lot of girls think of the Kelly and the Birkin immediately. Most of us can’t afford one Kelly bag or one Birkin bag, because they are so dear. Maybe you will get a surprise if you try a Hermes Herbag bag. Those girls that know little about Hermes Kelly can hardly tell the differences between the Kelly and the Herbag. They look so much alike. Hermes Herbag bag was born in 1998 and derived from Sac Huat a Courrioes, a bag carrying saddles designed in 1892. In essence, the Kelly and the Birkin are inspired by it, too. They three are of the same origin. The difference between the Kelly and the Herbag focuses on the materials. Hermes Herbag is mainly made of Hunter calfskin and Toile H canvas, while different leathers apply to the Kelly. It’s good that the Herbag is used in leisure style or in college style. Kim Kardashian carried her Hermes Herbag bags several times. The most famous one is that bag in white with doodles painted by her son, North West.

Hermes Herbag is the entry-level choice. By comparing to the Kelly’s prices, it just costs 2,000 dollars or more. If you have had some saving, or if you are crazy about it, it’s good to get one or more. Or it’s not bad to get a replica or fake Hermes Herbag bag. Those Hermes Herbag replicas are made of calfskin and canvas. Well-made quality makes replica Hermes Herbag popular and best-selling. After owning it, you will know that it’s trustworthy.

Hermes Herbag replicas are available in three sizes, 19cm, 31cm and 39cm. The most popular size is the Herbag 31, because the moderate size fits girls of all heights. Due to starched canvas, replica Hermes Herbag has a structured look. It has the only pocket except for a zip flat pocket. To avoid the mess, some important items can be stored in the pouch. It can be not only put in the interior but also hang outsides as a decoration. Not only girls are crazy about it, but men love it very much.

Bi-color Hermes Herbag replica bags are more popular with girls, available in dark brown calfskin and colored canvas or light brown calfskin and colored canvas. Although it’s used in leisure style, it’s all right that girls attend the formal occasion with Hermes Herbag replica bags in dark color. But, the preferred factor is whether it matches with your whole style. More and more girls choose colored models, like the brown and orange model, the the black and Apricot model and the brown and red model. Any one of them cam match with a dress, a coat or a sweater. With it, you are the most beautiful scenery in the crowd.