If you ask a woman what she wants to have in her luxury, perhaps 90% of women will answer the Hermes Birkin. If you write the experience of women buying a bag as an online novel, then having a Hermes Birkin is definitely a happy ending. But, do you really understand the Hermes Birkin that is now popular all over the world? Do you know about these things about Hermes Birkin. There are five things you may not know about Hermes Birkin.

First, the Hermes Birkin Was also Ignored Initially

In fact, when Hermès launched the Birkin in 1984, not many people were interested, and it was so obscured for nearly two decades. After the desire of the Sex and the City began to spread, in this American drama, Samatha risked being fired to insert the red Birkin into the waiting list by the name of the star customer, then the Hermes Birkin was very popular. I believe that many of us had a preliminary understanding of the Hermes Birkin since then. For decades, the Hermes Birkin has gone beyond the definition of the bag, but wealth, a symbol of status and quality of life, which is also the dream of countless girls.

Second, the Crocodile Leather Hermes Birkin is the Most Precious

If the Hermes Birkin is a woman’s dream, then the crocodile leather Hermes Birkin bag is probably their ultimate fantasy of the bag! Why do I say this? This has to mention Hermes’s astounding use of crocodile leather. A Hermes Birkin is not made of a piece of crocodile leather, but requires almost 4 crocodiles to make it! But we all know that after the crocodile leather Hermes Birkin is in the hand, the seam between the leather is completely invisible, just like a whole piece of leather.

In addition, the crocodile leather is already very rare, but Hermes has strict requirements for crocodile leather. A crocodile that can be selected by Hermès to make a bag can not have any bite marks and scars on the body. Even if it is a hard-to-identify bite scar or sore face, the craftsman should carefully consider whether to use this piece of skin or not. For the aggressive crocodiles, you can imagine how difficult it is to find the crocodile lather that meets the conditions.

Third, how to Distinguish the Quality of Crocodile Leather Hermes Birkin

For example, the mark “Λ” symbolizes the Porosus crocodile, the leather is taken from the estuarine crocodile, which is relatively expensive;

The material labeled “●●” is Niloticus Crocodile, Nile crocodile leather, and the price is often little cheaper than the Porosus crocodile.  The small square is the leather of the alligator.

Fourth, the Number of Hermes Birkin is scarce, not only Because of Hunger Marketing

We all know that Hermes Birkin have always been in short supply. Many people think that this is just the reason for hunger marketing, since a thing is valued if it is rare. However, the Hermès pattern is obviously not only for this reason. The main reason is that the Hermes Birkin bag has no production line. Each Birkin bag is independently completed by Hermes craftsmen. They need to spend at least 30 hours to complete the production of a Birkin bag. Even inside each Hermès bag, this craftsman will engrave his name or number.

It is said that every craftsman of Hermès can only make about ten Birkin bags a month. Therefore, the scarcity of Hermes Birkin is also a matter of reason.

Fifth, Each Hermes Birkin is Equally Significant for Hermes

Since the birth of the Hermès brand, it hopes that its own things can be a meaningful existence, and even can be used as a heirloom for the guests. They hope that Hermès’ bags can be circulated in every guest’s home, recording countless memories of previous users. The craftsmen surrounded the leather apron, holding the awl and the twine of the wax, sewing the bag in a needle and a line, and pouring the beautiful vision of Hermes. It is this kind of spirit that does not forget the original heart and the excellence, which has made today’s Hermes.