As the king brand in the luxury bag, Hermès has already become the bag that the girls want to have, and the moment when the Hermès bag is carried, it seems that they are wearing the golden light and full of confidence, but the high price and limited quantities make people stay away from it. When most of the ladies mention Hermès bags or want to buy a Hermès bag replica, the first thing that comes to mind is the imitated Birkin bag that is the hardest to buy and is considered to be worth investing more than stocks! There is also the counterfeit Kelly bag that has been on fire for decades by Grace Princess Kelly. But in fact, in addition to Hermes’s popular Kelly and Birkin imitation, this knock-off Hermes Cinhetic box bag is also hot selling.

In the replica Hermes handbags, this replicated Cinhetic Bag is not so prominent, which is not the kind of bag that will attract your attention at a glance, but it is definitely a good-looking type, so this bag did not cause too much attention when it was launched. But then it was different, the heat gradually warmed up, the design of the small bag became more interesting, and the Cinhetic Bag was inspired by the previous suitcase, so the whole is also a square design, this miniature version suitcase looks very delicate, the shape of the box is not inflexible, but full of fashion sense.

With the consistently refined appearance of Hermes, the design of this bag is also very careful. It’s asymmetrical H logo buckle can be turned to the right to open the bag, when turn the “H”-shaped metal buckle, it will transform into ” 一 ” shape. Because of its square shape, this bag can hold things compared to other sizes. The girl who likes to put a lot of small things can look over, and there is a patch pocket to store other important things, such as credit cards and banknotes, so the internal structure is also full marks.

Another good thing about this box bag is its variety. In addition to the leather chain, the Cinhetic Bag also has a style with metal chain. Each ring is hand-welded and polished by professional craftsmen. It is equipped with a hand-held and chain, so it has two styles to be carried, one is in a hand while the other is around a shoulder, fulling of personality and unmatched tacit understanding and looking both modern and retro, and there is also a crocodile leather model.

Do you think this is over? This series of bags also derived two exquisite handbags, one is designed with a shoulder strap and the other is the clutch bag, with exquisite workmanship and excellent technical requirements, the high-level feelings will arise spontaneously when matching with your own clothing.

The Hermes Cinhetic box Bag has been out of stock for a long time since its launch, so why not consider this replicated Cinhetic box Bag that is priced reasonably but with high end quality. Although its reputation is not much well-known same as the Hermes Kelly or Hermes Birkin, it is it is indeed a hidden explosion in the Hermes collections. So don’t think that the style that is not discussed is not a popular bag!