Hermes 2019 new perfume, a more netural one. Unlike previous garden collections, there is no sweet aroma. It is relatively fresh and soft floral fragrance, like a mature elegant woman’s fragrance, giving a warm feeling. And the long time to stay incense, will always linger around you feeling.

Main fragrances: Magnolia, sea birch, Lily, wood elements


Hermes’s popular perfume, very fresh, very suitable for summer use. The front tangerine is heavier, slightly a little pungent, to the middle and back tone, it is very fresh and natural. Like being in the jungle, the taste of nature.

Front: Light heart grass, Egyptian lime fruit, citrus

Medium tone: summer jasmine, Nile water lily, orange flower

After tone: fig tree, balsamic sebum, western cypress


If the Nile Garden is the smell of the jungle, the roof garden is the smell of the orchard. A little more girl’s sweet, special gentle, with its own fairy. Feel sprayed themselves into a very sweet, love their own smell. Very pure and beautiful, very suitable for going to a wedding or birthday party spray.

Forward: Apples, pears, grasses, peppers

Midtones: Magnolia, Rose

Backtone: Oak Moss

💛 Twilly d’Hermès

First of all, attracted by its bottle body, coral pink short fat bottle super cute, but also wearing a mini twilly scarf, like a girl going on a date. The taste is also very girly, the front tone ginger open, but not spicy, pungent, mid-tone evening jade and sandalwood incense, very gentle.

Front tone: Ginger

Midtone: Late Xiangyu

Backtone: Sandalwood

💛 Eau des Merveilles Bleue

Add marine elements to the original orange starlight, and it’s even fresher for summer. The front tone is a fresh feeling of bitter orange and lemon, along with the entry of ocean elements, so that the taste is more soft, and then gradually after the tone of the wood yme to bring a warm feeling, let people smell very reassuring.

Front tone: Bitter Orange Italian Lemon

Midtone: Indonesian Pepper Pepper

Back:Amber Oak Moss Champs-Elysees