Fashion is said: silk scarf is a woman’s second layer of mysterious skin, exudes a deadly attraction …First of all like Hermes must be attracted by color, craft, texture and so on, and then think of matching.

1, For a simple dress to add color

This is the basic function of the silk scarf, through a simple folding on the shoulder, or triangular folding around a circle, etc. , the overall color of the combination of a lot. After all, buying a floral top or pants is difficult to make and implement, and a silk scarf often solves these problems.2,Become a retro headscarf

Autumn and winter or windy spring, many friends will choose to go outing or mountain climbing, hair if you want not to mess, while taking pictures and good-looking, try the retro headscarf !(A silk scarf tied over her head is a completely consistent hue with the inner garment)

3, As a wristpiece

Sometimes receive someone else’s gift, is some small silk scarf, can actually be used as a wrist ornament, or wrapped around their own bracelets, can make the overall color with the increase.
4.Silk scarf  bag for enhanced elegance

This is the girls more commonly used tricks, usually tied a bow or wrapped around the handle. In fact, I think can not limit the style of the package, do not limit the method of the system, more casual some better.

This set is paired with perfect shades, Hermes platinum and Hermes silk scarves, elegant demonstration.5.The necessary small craft, silk scarf  hair band  method

You can tie the knot in front or back can, hair or tie up can come, do what you want to show a different style.