Terre, meaning “all things from this born” to learn from the earth to the world’s expression, to interpret the charm and emotion of men. The use of natural raw materials blending, containing seven ingredients of plant and mineral essence, showing a fresh and comfortable woody flavor.

The bottle’s design is like a boutique, the base of the orange H, is both Hermes classic LoGo, but also shows the calmness of the earth. Hermes’s classic saddle nail is standing on a perfume bottle, turning the willow-shaped lid, opening the mouth of the fragrance.

Forward tone: citrus, grapefruit

Self-created citrus presents the sun’s self-confident and optimistic side, fresh and bright vitality.

Medium tone: wide fennel, tenane, rose

Tenane and fennel in the feeling of tenacity, rose in the noble atmosphere, but also shaped the atmosphere of calm.

After tone: bell peppers, vanilla roots, sabbath incense, fir wood

In the fir wood to show a sense of wood, bell pepper and pink pepper grain of the lively aroma, giving a sense of introspection and stability.

Maturity index:⭐⭐⭐⭐

Fragrance index:⭐⭐⭐⭐

Sweetness index:⭐⭐⭐

Hermes perfume each has a personality, this personality is not to please the crowd, will not let people have ambiguous emotions, can use “ok”, “OK” and other words to express. People who cannot accept this kind of personality, will decisively say not to like, but can appreciate this personality of the people, will be moved with the heart, such as the treasure. But like it or not, as long as you use or just smell any of Hermes perfumes, the first feeling is “yes, this is Hermes.”

❥The right way to use perfume

❀1、Seven-point method:

First of all, the perfume is sprayed on the left and right hand wrist veins, the middle finger in the hands touch the corresponding wrist veins, and then touch the back of both ears, the back of the neck, blue dragon hair, and at the end of the hair for a long time, the hands of the wrist touch the corresponding elbow inside, the use of sprayer perfume sprayed on the left and right side of the waist, Touch the left and right fingers at the waist spray, then tap the inside of the thigh with a perfumed finger and rub the inside of the ankle to the end. Note that all light touches during the process should not be frictional, otherwise the organic components in the fragrance chemical reaction, may damage the original taste of the perfume.

❀2.Spray method:

Before dressing, let the sprayer from the body about 10-20 cm, spray the fog-like perfume, spray the wider the better, and then stand in the fragrance for about 5 minutes, or spray the perfume into the air widely, and then slowly walk through the fragrance mist. This allows the perfume to fall evenly on the body, leaving a faint fragrance.