Hermes Lindy ADS

Hermès Lindy is often regarded as the starter bag of Hermes, and Lindy seems to be able to buy it easily compared to the long waits of Hermes Birkin and Hermes Kelly.Hermès Lindy history

The design of Hermès has different themes every year, and the theme of 2007 is dedicated to dance. The Hermes Lindy handbag, born this year, comes from the dance Lindy Hop (the most representative dance of the Swing Dance) from the 1920 New York Black Zone. The side of Lindy has the vivid essence of this dance.Hermes Lindy handbag design

The middle is curved downwards, like a bag which is pulled freely. It looks like the natural state of the bag. Actually, it is the designer’s careful design, which reflects the beauty of the curve. The bag capacity and size can also be adjusted. When there are many things, the concave part can be filled up, and the whole bag shows a full state, and the practicality will never be beaten by a small luggage bag.

The only Insufficient is probably that there is no compartment in the bag, if there are many things to install, it will a little troublesome to find. About the button, some people think that it is too much trouble to buckle up, in fact, it will look more appealing if let it hang freely, like a cat’s eyes.

Lindy currently has four sizes:Hermès Lindy bag size

Lindy 26:26 x 18 x 12 cm, Lindy 30:30 x 19 x 15 cm, Lindy 34:34 x 21 x 15 cm, Lindy 40:40 x 25 x 21 cm

Lindy 26, 30 are suitable for average height (160cm-ish), and you can choose Lindy34 if you like big bags. The Lindy40 is a bit bigger for girls, it can be used as a bag for short trips, and it is also suitable for modern men.Hermes Lindy street

Lindy’s most common leather is Evercolor, which has been naturally beaten and shrunk, has a higher surface density than Clemence but lighter than Togo, and feels slippery. In addition, there are many kinds of materials such as sheepskin and cowhide, and a small amount of crocodile skin, ostrich skin and lizard skin material that will be used for the limited edition.

Lindy is also a practical handbag, soft and natural to ensure that it will never be outdated. The size can be adjusted, the side pockets can accommodate small objects, and the shoulder strap design allows the handbag to have two different carrying style, which is more versatile and more relaxed and elegant. It is one of the most practical bags of Hermes.Hermès Lindy bags and Celes

With an exquisite, stylish and elegant appearance, and the innate luxury genes of Hermes. Hermes Lindy has been embraced by many celebrities since its launch and has become one of the most popular streets shooting explosions.