Apple Watch’s convenience, so that wearable technology to a higher level, can read messages, reply to phone calls, listen to music, but also record your steps, but also can organize your sports menu, so that people who did not wear watch habits in the past by the Apple Watch, simple with a sense of technology, More became the first choice for many business people, but this Man-feeling look, how to make the girl’s cute?To replace the strap of Hermes is to save.

Using his high-end leather craft, Hermes has turned the Apple Watch’s cool look around, turning the tech watch into a stylish, stylish look with its original color and simple design, and making the Apple Watch no longer just a 3C product in the wear. It’s an accessory that shows self-taste.

Apple Watch Hermes series straps have come to the fourth generation this year, and the brand still brings a design that makes people want to lose their swipes, with a warm-toned white base, dyed with cherry blossom pink and chameline blue, and a strap-rich and layered look through the brand’s high-end leather-making techniques.The fourth representative of this launch of a total of four styles, respectively, a single-loop strap of two color scheme, as well as two-ring strap, if you have not yet experienced the Hermes leather craft, I think the strap is definitely the only thing you want to start with, not only practical with the Apple Watch to do with the match, but also to show your unique taste.