Hermes Himalayan bag about

Have you heard about the famous Hermes Himalayan Birkin /Kelly bags? If yes, then you must be already aware of the craze and popularity behind these exquisite handbags. If you aren’t aware of them, then let us tell you that these are some of the rarest, most spectacular, and most sought handbags to consider for your wardrobe. Not only Hermes Himalayan Birkin /Kelly bags are considered to be the most important handbags in this world, but also they are even treated to be an absolute holy grail.

To provide you a brief overview, the renowned luxury brand i.e. Hermes has produced these two handbag series long before. Kindly note that these handbags are mostly made of white Himalaya crocodile skin which makes them elite, exclusive, and unique. Due to the rare availability of Himalaya crocodiles, the brand eventually stopped producing these handbags. As of today, there are only a handful number of pieces available that can be found in the official retail stores of Hermes.

Celebrities and Hermes Himalayan Birkin /Kelly Bag

These hard-to-get luxury pieces are also a favorite for many celebrities including Vicoria Beckham, Kim Kardashian, Jane Birkin and more. In fact, it was Jean-Louis Dumas (the chief executive of Hermes) who tried to come up with a perfect bag for actress Jane Birkin and soon the world witnessed the production of Hermes Himalayan “Birkin bag.”

What makes Hermes Himalayan Birkin /Kelly bag so rare and expensive?

Do you now want to know what are the factors that have made Hermes Himalayan Birkin /Kelly bags so rare and expensive? If yes, then you are requested to check this section.

i) Craftsmanship: The key factor is the unique craftsmanship of these handbags. You won’t find such an exclusive and outstanding craftmanship in any other handbags.

ii) Design and Material: The design of these handbags are so ideal that they can be considered to be the best and most perfect accessories for all ladies. These bags are roomy and they have adequate space to carry all of your essential belongings. Plus, the material of these handbags is absolutely rare of the rarest. These handbags are crafted with Himalayan crocodile skin.

iii) Status: These handbags are a sign of luxury, status, and style.

iv) Limited Pieces: As mentioned before, there are only a few pieces of these handbags available. They are surely rare and not easily available.

Due to the above four factors, Hermes Himalayan Birkin /Kelly bags are considered to be so rare and expensive.